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Special deals and offers on coach tours and excursions

Special Deals

On coach tours and excursions, as and when they are available.

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Our New Coach

Our Volvo B12M Plaxton Panther coach with 53 leather seats air conditioning & a toilet. Click here for more details & photos.

Tyne Valley Coach Tours

Luxury travel throughout Northumberland, the North East and further afield to places of interest, attractions & theme parks. More details.

Mercedes Midi-coach

Book your own coach for a private excursion, a wedding, party, special occasion or a Day at the Races. More details.

Special Deals


At certain times of the year we have special deals available for several of our tours.

In August we offered a special rate for our Edinburgh Day Trips. Future special deals and excursions will also be displayed on our tours page.

Please contact our office to enquire about any special deals, which may be on offer.



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